Friday, May 18, 2007


ESP:Extra sensory perception was coined by J.B Rhine to denote pa rapsychological abilities such as telepathy,precognition,&clairvoyance.It is sometimes casually referred to as a sixth sense.This direct mind to mind communication is often said to be instantaneous &independent of distance.
ESP fall into 4 general categories-
.TELEPATHY-a person's awareness of another's thoughts without any communication thro normal sensory channel.
.CLAIRVOYANCE-knowledge acquired of an object or event without the use of senses.
.PRECOGNITION- a person may have another persons future thoughts or of events.
.PSYCHOKINESIS-a persons ability to influence a physical object or an event by merely thinking about it.
MIND TO MIND COMMUNICATION-Apparent ability to send and receive thought's and other mental data directly from one mind to another.
Telepathy or coincidence??
who possesses ESP?
Every person?!!
The fact that some have developed this ability to a very high degree,has created the impression that only certain people have ESP,many of them have had atleast one spontaneous ESPexperience/(coincidence)in their life.
It's happened to you.for some reason you thought about a person you know pop into your head,
The phone rings,
Amazingly, it's that very same person you where thinking!!
you are driving in a car &humming a song...
You turn on the radio ...
The same song is playing!!
There is no clear explanation.most of the mechanism remain, we can let our imagination run wild &suggest the following possible mechanism.
How&why does the brain communicate with another brain?
Apparently you have a part of a brain that is tunable to all mind frequencies.this part also has' memory' for" mind frequencies"of certain known pepple.(friends&relatives)this brain component is called the "scanner".(It would be assumed that such a" radio "like waves would be an electromagnetic nature)
An alert signal is sent to a person' own scanner when he is under some forms of extreme emotional distress,Any other scanner tuned to this scanner will pickup on this &rest of the brain will tune itself to the activated frequency.The "receiver scanner"had been always tuned in to the "transmitter scanner"
Neuronal circuit:
Intense activities of limbic system has been reported in mind to mind communication&chronic hyperstimulation of limbic lobe can induce some individuals to become hyperreligiousor visualize&experience ghosts,angelsor even GOD or the sensation of having left thier body.
Do you believe the mechanism of working of telepathic organ?
If you believe mind to mind interaction;
Why not heart to heart interaction?!!

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a real awesome article dat was ma'am....for the first time some scientific insight on things which were once knowm as super natural