Friday, February 25, 2011


The Secret of fitness
Exercise, proper diet and peace of mind make your body and mind healthy.
Exercise regularly; any sustained moderate physical activity, done for 30mts/day helps achieve a longer healthier life and lower the risk of heart diseases. Whether it is walking or bicycling in the park or using exercise machines in an indoor environment.
Exercise machines fall in to 2 main categories.
Aerobic machines-help you build cardiovascular strength by working the lungs, heart and muscles. [Treadmills, rowing machines or stationary bikes]
Weight lifting machines-tone and strengthen your muscle.
Two in one –exercising on a rowing machine and on an orbitrek provides not only an aerobic workout but also strength training. It is a total body workout,[waist slimming, cardiovascular strength with a power of resistance training all in one revolutionary machine, so you get an awesome muscle sculpting and calorie burning at the time!
Calories burned on exercise machines-
Treadmill 3 mph [20 mt mile]-215 calories/hr for females, 300 for males
7 mph [8.5 mt mile]-590 for females, 700 for males
Stationary bike-5 mph [12 mt mile]-200 and 245
*plant based may reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, limit caffeine and alcohol; don’t smoke
Peace of mind
*Sit quietly, breathe deeply and think peaceful thoughts for 15 to 20 mts a day. Be happy; don’t worry.
*Take a break in the office. Occupational stress is a silent killer.
*Laughter is accompanied by a release of hormones including endorphins which is released during exercise stimulates the feeling of well being.
*Learn to plan for a better and organised tomorrow.
*Focus on the good side; Be +ve



Siva said...

Hi mam,got through FRCA last month.Your blogs were quite useful for physiology. Would like to keep in touch with you.

Dr.Vinodha said...

thanx siva.congrats.