Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Buying a car to suit your need is more important.Everybody is keen to buy a car with goodmileage,lowmaintanance,spacious with goodride,comfort and performance.It is even more so if the the car you buy is your first.It is human nature.
Car owners in india are not maintanance-savvy and tend to ignore some wear and tear leading to high number of failures in vehicles.
Is it possible to keep your car in winning form?Yes.
Here are some general tips for maintaining your car for optimal performance.
Follow these safety guidelines:
.Do not use the clutch as a footrest.It should be used only while changing gears.
.Start driving only in 1st gear&shift gears at the right rpm.
.Check air pressure regularly.Your car will use more fuel if tyre pressure is more.
.Do not brake unnecessarily&avoid hard braking.
.Dont increase enginespeed immediately after starting.Wait for atleast 5sec.this not only improves lubrication, but also increases engine life.&your fuel bills down.
.Maintan a steady speed while driving,unnecessary acceleration&deceleration increases fuel consumption.
.Insist on tyre rotation at every service.
.When starting,make sure that the AC&other electrical loads switched off.(engine&battery will last longer this way.)
.Service your car regularly.(diesel car every 5000,petrol car every 10,000km.)

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